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The customers and service providers go through the same registration process. Registration is free for all users.

Upon completing registration process you gain access to My Office, which allows you to: To register on eProfit you have to:

Choose your Login. Your Login is a unique name that identifies you in eProfit system. After you have posted a project or made a bid on a project, your login is displayed in the system as a link to Your Profile.

Enter your e-mail address. Other users cannot see your e-mail. It is used only for sending system service messages, such as registration confirmation and password change notification. Your e-mail is also used for sending other users' personal messages and invitations to you.

Choose the communication language: When choosing English as communication language you will not be able to view projects posted by Russian-speaking users. If you choose Russian, you will be able to view all the projects.

After completing the form, click the "Register" button. You will receive a letter containing your registration information and password created by the system to your e-mail.

You can change your password and update registration information at any time in "My Profile" section of My Office.