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My Office

My Office on eProfit is your personal working space which gives you access to all system features, such searching for projects, bidding on projects, sending and receiving messages, managing your personal info, portfolio and money account.

  1. Managing My Profile

    • It is recommended that you enter additional information about you or your company in "My Profile" section of My Office.

    • In this section you can change the information you entered during the registration process.

    • Your information is available for viewing to registered users only. Other users will see your personal info having found your project and clicking on your login name which is displayed as a link to your personal info. Registered users have access to all information except your e-mail and address.

    • You can change your eProfit password on the "Change Password" page of "My Profile" section. Enter you current password, new password, confirm new password. Press "Create new password" button. You new password will be sent to your e-mail.

  2. Managing My Account

    • In "My Account" section of My Office you can add and withdraw funds from your money account at ProjectLab, see the list of all transactions you made at ProjectLab and the amount of money on the escrow account.

    • The list of the transactions displays the transaction ID - the number of your transaction in the ProjectLab system, the transaction amount (if you made a withdrawal, the transaction amount will appear negative), the date and time of the transaction and the Description of the transaction, which includes the type of the transaction (withdrawal or deposit) and the payment system that was used. You can add and withdraw funds at any time. Although withdrawing funds takes some time (usually not more than 24 hours on business days) as your withdrawal request must be approved by our administrators. Customers add the amount of money to the escrow account before the project implementation starts and then release funds when you have completed the project work. The money from the escrow account is transferred to your account at ProjectLab. The escrow account is designed in a way to make the ProjectLab payment system more secure.

    • This is how it works:

      1. You as the provider agree to work on a project. Both you and the customer sign the contract. You discuss the details with the customer using the Project Message Board.

      2. The customer deposits funds to his ProjectLab account if he/she did not do it earlier. After that he/she transfers funds to the escrow account. The customer must escrow the whole project amount that you have discussed and he/she confirmed using the "Confirm project budget" function.

      3. The project work starts immediately after the funds are added to the escrow account. You will receive payment for your work when you deliver the results and the customer releases funds from the escrow account. This way you can be sure that that you will get paid if you fulfill the project in time and with appropriate quality, as your payment is safely stored on the the escrow account and can be withdrawn by the customer only if you do not fulfill the project appropriately. On the other hand, customer's money is secure and he is sure to receive quality work, otherwise he/she will receive all or part of the money back.

      4. After the project is complete and the customer accepts your work he releases funds by completing the project in the system.
      5. You receive funds to your account at ProjectLab and then you can withdraw money using any of the available payment systems.

    • To deposit funds to your account:

      Click the "Deposit funds" link in "My Account" section of My Office.
      Select the payment method you would like to use on the next page. Enter the amount you wish to add to your account at ProjectLab and press the "Deposit funds" button.
      Confirm the amount on the next screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.
      After the transaction is completed, it will appear in the list of all transactions you made in the ProjectLab system.

    • To withdraw funds from your account at ProjectLab:

      Click the "Withdraw funds" link in "My Account" section of My Office. Select the payment method you would like to use on the next page. Enter the amount you would like to add to your account a ProjectLab and press the "Withdraw funds" button. Confirm the amount on the next screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. The withdrawal transaction will be completed as soon as ProjectLab administrators will approve it (it usually takes not longer than 24 hours on business days). After the transaction is complete it will be displayed in the list of all transations you made in the ProjectLab system.

  3. Sending and Receiving Messages

    • In My Office you can send and receive messages from other eProfit users by means of personal messages system.

    • Personal messages are also used by eProfit for sending service messages and notifications to the users.

    • All messages from other users are also forwarded to your e-mail address. You can switch off this feature in "My Profile" section of My Office. System service messages and notifications will keep coming to you e-mail.

  4. Uploading files

    • You can upload files to the projects you are currently working on in "My Files" section of My Office. This enables you to attach full documentation, more detailed description, your implementation plans and other materials to the project.

    • You can upload files to the project at any time after you have accepted the customer's invitation to work on it.

    • To upload a file to a project, choose a project from the list (My Office -> "Manage My Projects"), click "Browse" and choose a file you want to upload. Add a short description of the file and click the "Upload" button. Wait for "File successfully uploaded" message.

    • You can upload any file format. The maximum size of each file is 2 MB.

    • It is highly recommended that you upload all the documentation, project implementation schedules, contracts and other project materials through our web-interface. This may help to avoid a considerable part of the problems in resolving disputes between customers and service providers should any occur over project work.

  5. Managing My Portfolio

    • "My portfolio" section of My Office helps you to post information about your recent projects outside of the eProfit system, such as descriptions, images, files and links. Each Portfolio entry may contain a link to your corporate website or to a project you have been working on, your company logo or any other image you want to upload (images are displayed as thumbnails), any files except executable files and a description.

    • To add an entry to Your Portfolio, click "Add new entry". Specify the entry title, the URL of the link you want to add (optional), give a description to the entry, select a file to upload and click "Update portfolio".

    • If you have more than one portfolio entries you can set their position in the list be clicking "move up" / "move down". You can edit or delete any of your portfolio entries at any time by clicking "edit" or "delete" below the entry.

  6. Posting a Resume

    • Posting your resume at ProjectLab system is very important as this adds to the customers' ability to find you in the ProjectLab database using service provider's resume word search. The "My Resume" section of My Office gives you the chance to describe your expericence, professional skills, and background in a way you like.
    • Simply fill in the field and click the "Save Resume" button. We recommend you to post your resume right after you register with ProjectLab. It is also recommended to post your portfolio and update your profile. you can do all this in My Office at ProjectLab

  7. Using Bookmarks

    • "My Bookmarks" section of My Office is a convenient and useful tool to store information about all the projects you have found in one place for future consideration.

    • To add the project you have found to the bookmarks, open it and click "Add to bookmarks". You will be able to see the name the project and a link to the complete information in the "My Bookmarks" section.This way you can select and bookmark projects you would like to work with or bid on in future.

    • Later, after adding a project to your bookmarks you can avoid spending time on searching. From "My Bookmarks" section you can easily view the project information and files, send messages on project or bid on the project.